Whoever said politics was fair?

You will rarely see the Republican party play fair. Why is that?

Democrats need to stop being whiny little brats. They allow the Republicans to get away, regarding political issues, with obscene tactics. Many of us catch ourselves repeating a common statement, “If this were a Democrat!” It is a known fact when President Obama was elected prominent Republicans gathered at a bar and agreed they would never allow a black president to succeed.

Where were the Democrats?

There is simply too much money in politics, causing the stakes higher for politicians who are addicted to the perks. We know to thank the Republican stronghold on the Supreme Court for political donations to go through the roof.

The United States Supreme Court is merely a tool for Republicans.

The voters must come out in droves for the upcoming primary. Democrats need to fight back and stop allowing our current system to run amuck.

Our country is divided more than ever, families and friends are divided, and if we allow this to continue our democracy will cease to exist. Our standing in the world has been decimated by #45 and key Republicans.  We are allowing other foreign entities to attack our country … motivated by their desire to dismantle our stability.