Heartless politicans wants to scarifice the elderly … what is the underlying purpose?

How reminiscent of a book from the ’70s where the government had the policy to kill people once they reached 63 years of age.

Not all people are listening to the fools who would cast their lives aside.

a woman sitting on a couch: The author.

“Im 90 and I’m waiting for the quarantine to end. As long as I’m still creative and surrounded by the love of family and friends, as long as I still enjoy life, nobody has the right to write me off.”

This coal company with ties to the Trump administration just got a $10 million small business loan

House gives early nod to Wyoming coal marketing program - Casper ...

A coal company based in Indiana received $10 million from a federal loan program intended to rescue faltering small businesses from the economic ravages of the coronavirus pandemic.

“With small businesses shuttering their doors and unemployment skyrocketing to historic levels, shifting millions of taxpayer-funded bailout dollars to dirty, polluting corporations is only the latest example of the corruption derailing America’s economic recovery under the Trump administration,” O’Neill said.  

Business as usual with corruption running rampant in the Trump administration. Trump would not recognize a small business if he bulldozed right over the damn thing.