Here he goes again …Oy Vey


Trump Boasts Of Unproven Coronavirus Treatments Amid Dire Testing And Supply Crisis

It’s the latest evidence that the president’s focus is on public relations, not managing a worsening catastrophe.
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President Donald Trump on Thursday ignored urgent concerns about the federal government’s ramshackle handling of the coronavirus outbreak, instead of using a press conference to make vague or misleading claims about potential treatments while touting his administration’s supposed accomplishments in handling the crisis.


It was another data point showing that the president’s focus is on public relations, not the management of a worsening catastrophe.

Trump repeatedly singled out one potential treatment drug during the press conference, the anti-malarial Chloroquine, which he falsely suggested had been approved for use against COVID-19.

“It’s been approved, they took it down from many, many months to immediate,” Trump said. “We’re gonna make that drug available.”

But the Food and Drug Administration has not approved Chloroquine for treating the coronavirus, an FDA spokesperson confirmed to Bloomberg News. Instead, Chloroquine is approved for the treatment of malaria ― it’s primarily purpose.

C’mon Donald what are you thinking?


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