Kamala Harris Dropping Out Of Presidential Race

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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is dropping her presidential bid. She informed her staff on Tuesday.

Harris held a call with her team in Iowa on Tuesday, saying that she had made the decision because of financial struggles experienced by the campaign.

Are we sure that was the real reason?

“I don’t think anyone on my team was expecting this,” said one staffer, who said they were completely shocked by the news. 

Really? Her staff may not have been “expecting this,” but not so with a majority of voters. Harris lost her popularity, not because of her strengths but because of her constant weakness. In my opinion, she began losing support after watching her relentless attacks on Biden.

The message for remaining Democrats … STOP fighting with each other. The candidates have forgotten the essential goal of the race. Democrats need to defeat Trump, and if these people cannot pull it together, then Trump will win.  It’s really that simple!



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