Democrats can win 2020 with the right candidate

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Democrats need to focus their efforts on identifying and promoting politicians who genuinely move and inspire voters — candidates who will not focus on negative campaigning against other Democrats.

Voters need to hear an inspiring and uplifting message about the promise of America and the shared values of its people. We are a nation divided, unsure who has our best interest at heart. Our nation is in desperate need for a trustworthy candidate.

Democrats will be making a significant mistake if their campaign is negatively biased. Regardless if the 2020 winner is a Democrat or Republican the person sitting in the Oval Office will need to be someone the nation believes he or she has their best interest in running the country.

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Democrats today need a leader who can challenge the divisive politics of Donald Trump and deliver a compelling, hopeful Democratic vision. Despite the Democrats’ off-year success, the American people remain clueless about what the Democratic Party stands for.

The party needs a candidate who can not only explain the Democratic plan for improving health care, genuinely reforming the tax code, improving education, raising wages, and combatting catastrophic climate change, but whose ideas sound fresh and exciting.

A new face of the Democratic party is Kamala Harris, the first-term US senator from California. Harris is a woman of color who, at age 53, is neither too young nor too old to become president. She is articulate and outspoken on issues without becoming offensive.

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“The issues are not simple, so the message is not going to be simple,” she said, rejecting any “monosyllabic” slogan, “but essentially it is about telling the American public we see them.” (Yahoo News, July 18, 2017)

Harris remains largely unknown today. However, so were Carter, Clinton, and Obama until their explosions into national politics contradicted conventional wisdom—and changed the course of history.

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