Has Trump already fired or dismissed more cabinet members than any other President before him?

Trump Cabinet Turnover Sets Record Going Back 100 Years

President Trump speaks during a Cabinet meeting on June 12, 2017. From left are, Vice President Pence, foreground, then-Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the president. Price was fired by Trump last year, Tillerson was fired on March 13.
Andrew Harnik/AP 

In his first 433 days, President Trump has had more Cabinet changes than most of his predecessors had in a full two years in office.


Trump’s senior staff turnover (not including Cabinet secretaries) in year one was over three times higher than Obama’s.

Trump's senior staff turnover (not including Cabinet secretaries) in year one was over three times higher than Obama's. Samantha Lee/Business Insider
Photograph by Andrew Harrer–Pool/Getty Images.

By Grace Donnelly

February 13, 2018

Before he was the President, Donald Trump was most famous for booting people on TV—a habit that has proved hard to quit. So far, acting attorney general Sally Yates, national-security adviser Michael Flynn, and FBI director James Comey (above) have all found themselves on the receiving end of the onetime TV host’s catchphrase, “You’re fired.”

According to a report by Ms. Katherine Dunn-Tenpas, Mr. Trump’s 34 percent turnover rate in his first year is more than three times as high as President Barack Obama’s in the same period and twice as high as President Ronald Reagan’s, which until now was the modern record-holder. Of 12 positions deemed most central to the president, only five are still filled by the same person as when Mr. Trump took office.

The Trump Administration has seen the highest rate of turnover among White House staff in decades.

During the president’s first year, the administration saw a 34% turnover rate. This is the highest of any recent White House, according to a Brookings Institution report that tracked departures of senior officials over the last 40 years.

The next-highest turnover rate for an administration’s first year was Ronald Reagan’s, with 17% of senior aides leaving their posts in 1981.

Former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton saw much lower turnovers during their first year in office—9%, 6%, and 11%, respectively.


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